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The art of film directing in a 6 week tutorial, 12 hours, meeting twice weekly.
The class will guide students from Page One of the script to the 1st cut of the film.

To Apply, email: masterclass@stuart-cooper.com


Resume and photo.
A brief statement about yourself as a Director & what you would hope to accomplish with me.

About Cooper

Actors Cooper has directed:

Sophie Loren
John Hurt
David Warner
Donald Sutherland
Christopher Plummer
David Hemmings
Virginia McKenna
Keith Carradine
Harry Dean Stanton
John Saxon
Ava Gardner
John Housman
Richard Kiley
James Mason
Ian McShane

Edward James Olmos
John Turturro
Annabella Sciorra
Harry Hamlin
Dennis Farrina
Virginia Madsen
John Laroquette
Kathy Baker
Angela Bassett
Loretta Young
Trevor Howard
Anna Strasberg
Jeff Corey
Stephanie Zimbalist
Cheryl Ladd

Stuart Cooper’s films have won more than twenty international awards.  Notably the Silver Medal at the Venice Film Festival, the Gold Medal at the Moscow Film Festival, the Prix CIDALC Gandhi Peace Award and in back-to-back consecutive years two Silver Bears at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Cooper’s war film Overlord rediscovered at the Telluride Film Festival has become a classic. Overlord has since been distributed theatrically worldwide with an acclaimed DVD distributed by the Criterion Collection.  Recently hailed by a laureate of esteemed critics that include Roger Ebert, A.O. Scott, Joe Morgenstern and Kevin Thomas, the film has joined the classic top ten list alongside such films as The 400 Blows, The Seventh Seal and The Seven SamuraiOverlord was honored in the 2014 Cannes Classics Film Festival and Lumiere Grand Lyon Film Festival followed by an international Blu-ray release.  A favorite film of Chris Marker, Overlord was highlighted during the Chris Marker Exhibition at the Centre Pompidou.

Cooper’s film Little Malcolm, produced by George Harrison for Apple Films starring John Hurt was remastered by Cooper and released on Blu-ray by the British Film Institute in conjunction with Martin Scorsese’s documentary on George Harrison.  Cooper’s cult film The Disappearance starring Donald Sutherland and Christopher Plummer was recently released on Blu-ray by Twilight Time to critical acclaim.

Cooper’s mini-series credits include:The Fortunate Pilgrim (NBC), Italian Prize winner, based on Mario Puzo’s autobiography starring Sophia Loren, Edward James Olmos, Hal Holbrook, John Turturro, and Annabella Sciorra.  The Long Hot Summer (NBC), Emmy nominated, starring Don Johnson, Cybil Shepherd, Jason Robards, Judith Ivy, and Ava Gardner.   A.D. – Anno Domini (NBC), the ground breaking twelve-hour, sixty-million dollar mini-series, written by Anthony Burgess, starring James Mason, Ava Gardner, Susan Sarandon, Richard Kiley, Coleen Dewhurst, Jack Warden, John Houseman, and Fernando Rey.


About Cooper

Actors Cooper has directed:

Jennifer O’Neill
Milly Perkins
Fernando Ray
Richard Roundtree
Susan Sarandon
Diane Venora
Ben Vereen
Jack Warden
Corben Bernson
William Russ
Don Johnson
Cybil Shepherd
Coleen Dewhurst
Bruce Greenwood
Madchen Amick

Michelle Phillips
William Devane
Bobbie Phillips
Armande Assante
Billy Zane
Bai Ling
Robert Davi
Judith Ivy
Shannon Doherty
Anthony Zerbe
Jason Robards
Hal Holbrook
Robert Wagner
Peter Onorati
Joe Pantaleon

Cooper’s movies for television include: Hustle, Chameleon, The Hunted, The Ticket, Bloodhounds, Dead Ahead, Bitter Vengeance, Dancing With Danger, Rubdown, One Special Victory, Payoff and Christmas Eve.

Cooper’s screenwriting credits include: a feature adaption of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story A Short Trip Home, Testament, commissioned by Screen Queensland for the 100thAnniversary of Gallipoli, Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, Sergeant Presley based upon the novel by Rex Mansfield and Marshall Terrill and Casino Qaddafi based upon the novel by Graham Tempest.  He wrote the feature film Dead Reckoning for Stream Films A.G. and the original screenplays of Test of Violence, Out of the Heat, and The Return.  He is currently set to direct his screenplay The Investigation and The Express in Utah.

Cooper trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and appeared in films with Orson Wells and as one of the Dozen in The Dirty Dozen.  He established a London based production company where he began writing and directing documentaries and features.  Here Cooper established his partnership with the late Oscar-winning photographer John Alcott who also collaborated and served as Stanley Kubrick’s longtime cinematographer on 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon and The Shining.

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